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Greece - Prepaid travel eSIM

Greece - Prepaid travel eSIM

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  • a simple picture of a sim card on the left and the right with the right one having more golden colour for describing the advantages of an esim

    Easy installation, without having to remove your current Sim

  • two drawn hands who shake in the middle of the picture for describing the advantages of an esim

    Fast connection, no hidden costs and a customer support - just for your experience

  • two hands using a mobile phone from the front for describing the advantages of an esim

    Despite being a new technology, eSIM is avaialable on most new phones. If you are unsure, just check here

User Info

1. Please give us some time to prepare your eSim line. You will get the installation mail in the next 24 hours after your purchase.

2. After activation you can use all of our data packages for 30 days. Do NOT activate your eSIM before you need to.

3. Every eSIM is set up for a phone number individually. Once bought, we cannot refund your purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or more precisely an "embedded" chip, is permanently installed in your device. Whether in your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch - the eSIM replaces the conventional physical SIM card. Unlike traditional cards, which have to be inserted and removed, the eSIM remains firmly anchored in the device.

How do I get my eSIM?

Your eSIM profile is sent simply and conveniently by e-mail. This means you will receive your digital eSIM much faster than a physical SIM card by post.

When will I receive my eSIM?

The average delivery time is 4 hours. We guarantee a delivery in 24 hours after your purchase.

What if I need more data volume?

If you need more data, you can buy a new eSIM and delete the old profile.

Are eSIMs safer than normal sim cards?

eSIMs offer several security advantages over conventional SIM cards. As eSIMs are permanently integrated into the device, you cannot physically remove and misuse them. In addition, eSIM data can be stored in a secure area of the device, such as the Secure Enclave on iOS devices. This makes it more difficult to read the data without the appropriate authorization.

Which smartphones support eSIM?

You can find a list of smartphones that support eSIM here.

Which smartphones support dual eSIM / multi eSIM?

All smartphones that support eSIM also can have multiple eSIM profiles. You can simply add another profile.

What happens to my current SIM?

Depending on the manufacturer, one or two eSIM/SIM profiles are supported. If you then have more, you must deactivate a SIM profile. Information on dual esim/sim features can usually be found on the manufacturer's website.

What happens to my Whatsapp number?

You can use your existing Whatsapp account with eSIM mobile data and write messages on your old number with the eSIM connection.

  • a black number "1" with small shadows on left side as help for an esim tutorial


    Buy your eSIM a couple of days or weeks before your trip. Once you receive the installation details, the eSIM can be activated for 60 days.

  • a black number "2" with small shadows on left side as help for esim tutorial

    eSIM installation

    The installation has to be done via QR-Code or manually before activation. We recommend to do this a day before your trip to make sure everything works.

  • a black number "3" with small shadows on left side as help for an esim tutorial


    The eSIM has to be activated in the destination country, so make sure to screenshot the guide if you don't have a wifi access there. Then, enjoy up to 30 days of fast connection!